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Product spec

a) Pivoting and articulated three-point linkage attachment giving exceptional manoeuvrability and mobility thereby making it adaptable to any kind of ground.1
b) The drawn mowers and mower-conditioners are supported by two bearing wheels of large diameter with agricultural profile, by means of the hydraulic hoist of the mowing unit the machine is transferred into transportation position. The positioning of the drawbar, in order to bring it into transportation position is by means of a double-acting hydraulic piston.
c) The windrow-forming element of variable width allows for the formation of calibrated and well structured windrows to meet the specific requirements.
d) The mobility and flexibility of the suspended mowing unit that is independent from the bearing frame allows for perfect adaptability to any kind of ground.



Dati tecnici

Number of drums3,153,152,602,603,152,60
Number of Knives444444
Weight Kg.161612121612
Power take-off revolutions909080808070
Theoric Power requirement (CV)540540540540540540
PTO shaft with friction and free wheel157014501420130012001080