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Rotary drum mowing machines and Conditioning - Mowers

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Product spec

With a perfect cut which does not damage the product, formig soft, regular and well aired windrows, with a hight advance speed, negligible wear and maintenance needs. The operating principle of the GALFRE' mowers is based on the action of a series of counter - rotating drums at considerable speed, to which the cutters are attached, which ensure a perfectly, even cut without damaging any of the forage.
The cutters are secured in a fluctuating manner o to the drums, thereby making it possiple for them to retract in the event of obstacle (stones, roots, etc.) they resume their normal function as soon as the obstacle has been cleared, thereby reducing the possible demage risk.
Many models, you can select the:


· Drawbar
· Frontal
· Lateral


Conditioning - Mowers
Machines that considerably reduce the hay making times therefore considerably reducing bad weather risks, whilst also ensuring excellent product conservation conditions. The GALFRE' range of mowing-conditioning machines are highly reliable and efficient suitable for the tratment of all kinds of grass, at performance levels which were unheard of until a few years ago. The GALFRE' conditioning machine is available in two versions: helical roller conditioner and arrow element conditioner.


Sistems conditioners of Galfrè.