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Disc Mowing Machines - Conditioners

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Product spec

Provides a perfect cut which does not damage the product: regular windrows, both soft and well aired, hight advance speed, negligible wear and maintenance requirements.




1) The gearing (encaised in a oil bath box) ensures a long life with minimal maintenance.
2) The design of the tank and the lid is guaranted to ensure greater flexibility and sturdiness.
3) The cutter-holder discs of oval shape with special contoured editing, ensure grat sturdiness even under the tough working conditions over story ground.
4) The articulated attachement of the GALFRE' mower easily adapts to all grouund conditions.
5) In the event of obstacle collisions, the safety release device, realeses the cutter bar, considerably reducing the potential damage risk.

Many models, you can select the:


· Drawbar
· Frontal
· Lateral


Disc Conditioning - Mowers

Machines that considerably reduce the hay making times therefore considerably reducing bad weather risks, whilst also ensuring excellent product conservation conditions. The GALFRE' range of mowing-conditioning machines are highly reliable and efficient suitable for the tratment of all kinds of grass, at performance levels which were unheard of until a few years ago. The GALFRE' conditioning machine is available in two versions: helical roller conditioner and arrow element conditioner.


Conditioner system of Galfrč